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The Adventures in Activism Blog

The story of the H. Ross Cannonball, the song produced for us by Jerry Corbetta of the Four Seasons and Sugar Loaf, is coming as soon as I write articles about PTSD and the Drone Contractors.  Here is the song, for your listening pleasure. 

                                                                                    The H. Ross Cannon Ball

The Draft Perot Movement had started and was curiously without ideological focus. The idea occurred to me it would be possible to inject some consistency into the campaign by writing a song which provides these. However, I knew Craig would not go for this unless he got credit for some part of the project.  I cheerfully allowed him to adopt the idea while editing the song and ensuring it was professionally produced. If you ever heard Craig sing you would understand why this had to be. 

Jerry Corbetta did a magnificent job and the song was unofficially adopted by the Perot Campaign playing around the clock at the HQ in Texas.  We never got credit, but it proved the point there are more ways than one to play the game of politics.     

Melinda - Editor, Producer, graphics designer. I also got a credit as an artist by blowing the train whistle.

And mores stories to come!

Bob Poole Privateer - Editor & co-writer

Free Luna - Editor & co-writer

The Statue of Liberty - Editor & co-writer

The FIJA Song - Editor & co-writer 

     I spent many years watching folks in the Freedom Movement 'jump off the cliff," try something on the basis of  theory.  These were pretty uniformly disasters.  
     Lots of people, using theories which sounded great, went to prison.  Since at the time I was raising a family of the most adorable small children the world has ever seen (I confess to a slight bias here) I was disinclined to any line of action which could result in incarceration or even an economic impact on my ability to ensure they had what they needed to grow up happy and well educated.    
     Theory is all well and good, sometimes useful, but all too often leads to disaster.  Those shiny, happy little faces made me more cautious than many of my fellow activists.  
     That said,  until you test your ideas against reality and see how they work you are limited to reproducing what you have seen done by others. I made many notes of what did not work from the 60's until the late 90's.  Not that I was disinclined to take action.  I just weighted the potential consequences carefully.  Usually, that worked.  

    Over the years I have put up websites and always, always, been active.  Here are some of the websites still up.  SITES