Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
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 My family has always been at the core of my being, both defining and challenging me to better understanding, discernment and to learn how to be more giving.  I imagined a future I would share with my siblings, my own children and husband, and where I would enjoy our ever evolving, but present, relationships.  This was not to be.

I lost nearly all of them far, far too early.  But they remain with me every day, in memory of the love and laughter we shared.  
This photo was taken in the back yard of our home at 3266 Colby Avenue, in West Los Angeles.  It is the last photo taken of us together before Carol died in 1974.  The Avacado Tree is visible.  

​       The Pillsbury Family

Back Row: Left  - Right: Stephen M. Pillsbury Charles A. Pillsbury, Gary Holbert, Carol Sylvia Pillsbury Holbert
Middle Roe: Left - Right: Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury, Grace Gould (Aunt Grace, formerly married to Mother's brother, Bernal
Front Row: Left - Right: Alice Gripp, standing, Perry Pillsbury Gripp (on horse)  M, psychopath, Eric Scott Holbert

Uncle Rich Gould took the photo.  

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