Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
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Songs co-written by Melinda for which 
Craig Franklin, the Psychopathic Sexual Pervert, 
tried to steal credit.

The H. Ross Cannonball - The theme song for the Perot Campaign

The Draft Perot Movement had started and was curiously without ideological focus.  The idea occurred to me it would be possible to inject some consistency into the campaign by writing a song which provides these.  Knowing Craig would not go for this unless he got credit I cheerfully allowed him to adopt the idea while editing the song and ensuring it was professionally produced.  If you ever heard Craig sing you would understand why.  

  Melinda - Editor,  Producer, graphics designer.  I also got a credit as an artist by blowing the train whistle.

Bob Poole Privateer - Editor & co-writer

Free Luna - Editor & co-writer

The Statue of Liberty - Editor & co-writer

The FIJA Song - Editor & co-writer 
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