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Websites of all kinds 
Some of these sites are still up because they lead to later projects.  
Others because, even if they did not pan out, they were educational and brought friends together.
They were all Adventures In Activism


Rumor Mill News Insights

Ashtabula Renewal

Ashtabula Renewal Blog

Ashtabula Times


Save Gloucester's Fishing
    Gloucester's heritage in the oceans's plenty

Political Blogs

How the NeoCons Stole Freedom
   My first Blog


Just the Evidence
   Parked documents.


Rebooting Libertarianism 

Libertarian History 

Libertarian Party Lessons 

Women Rising
    The ERA is not yet ratified!


Inconvenient Proof 
​  Site on the environment

Final Hours
   A site for Dave Lincoln on toxic events

The Off Grid Dictionary 
   New words for old badness

Green Fields Renewal
    A project with Dave Lincoln

Deep Green Futures 
   Investing in the Future

Campaigns & Humor

Fantasy Exit from Iraq​    
​    Everyone needed some escapism in 2007

The Reality Caucus
     Make them prove themselves before election

Ron Paul State Organizations 
     Local organizing

The Iowa Lists of Ron Paul
​   An Untold Story

Ron Paul Republicans 
​    When Ron was running

Impeachment Emporium 
    A touch of wishful thinking



Reclaim the GOP
     Consistent Principles

UROC Resolution on Reagan 1975
​    United Republicans of California warned us


Pillsbury-Foster for President 
​      It was Leon's idea - and I learned much.

Constitutional and Judicial 

Homeowners Justice
    The site has gone through many changes as we keep trying.

Judicial Accounting
   Court Reform

STOP the NeoConning 
    Funny Valentines of NeoCons

Protecting and Serving
   Standing up for the Constitution

Start Your Common Law Court
   Indict Bush!

Constitutional Law Enforcement Association
    A site we used for Sheriff Mack for a while

Indict Them All
   But start with Bush!

   Melinda's Radio Shows

The Spiritual Politician 

The Jer and Melinda Show

The Revolution will not be Televised 

The Melinda Show

Reclaim America NOW 

Reclaim America Radio 

America Goes Home 

Off the Grids   One of my radio show sites - 2007
   One of my radio show sites - 2007

Reclaim Project - For TBI and PTSD
   This was a treatment Augie used.

The Earth Project 
​   Health Advice for returning troops

Upper Tule Opinions
   News and opinions

The Cabin at Cedar Slope
   A History Site

Up the 190 
   Biographical Sketches and history!

Augie  Projects
   Augustus Franklin Dunning had lots of interesting ideas

Wow MicroMinerals
​  Augie finally made it to market with EcoOrganics!

Judah's Bakery
   Bread made out of gold!


Seventh Voice 
​   A Spiritual Experience

Legends of the Fall
   Steps on the Road to Faith

Welcome to the End Times
   Another Step on the Path to Christ

Shards of Verse 


Drone Free Zone
   Focused on War Contractors

Life Stealers

   The frightening presence of psychopaths

Psychobusters Blog
​    Articles on psychopathy


John Fund
    And also his friends, Cheney and Rove

  The story of the Greediest!

Honesty Bond USA
  Don't elect them if they are not bonded!

Arthur C. Pillsbury Sites 
   My Grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury was a 
  Man of integrity who loved nature.

​Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation 

Arthur C. Pillsbury at Stanford 

Forensics for Pillsbury Foundation 

AC Pillsbury in the Yukon

    AC Pillsbury Newsletter

​Tour of Old Village 

Old AC Sites

AC Pillsbury Home Blog

A. C. Pillsbury Chronology

Arthur C. Pillsbury Catalog 


​The Ball Family 
  My Father's mother was a Ball, Sylvia.

William Ball Journal and Letters 
  William was Sylvia's father

Duncan Family Stories
  Frances Eugenia Duncan, Mother's Grandmother

Pillsbury Family
  Dad's Family


​Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - Blog

Adventures in Activism 


PERS to Remember Elks Lodge 613
  For Steve Brown, a fine man and Elk

James Byron Dean, thinker and friend 
​ True friends are never forgotten

Charlie Sprinkle
  Charles was a friend who believed in freedom

Kathy Stratton
  Kathy and her husband lost their children to CPS


​GREED: The NeoConning of America 

The Great Experiment Revisited 

Political – Environmental – Women 

Ruthless People
  Another attempt to explain them

Women of the Jury
  Women and jury duty without equal rights

The Whistle Blower's Congress
  Celebrating people who spoke out

The Freedom Ride Across America
  This is an old Ron Paul site I put up

Getting the Truth
  The Ron Paul Stolen Primary - NH

Connect All the Dots 
  On the War in Iraq - 2007

Forum for Truth 
  2008 Election

NeoCons Are Cretins
  Funny valentines for NeoCons

Truth and Humor in Self Defense

Craig Franklin

The Duke and Doxie of Manchester 

Morgan Pillsbury Gell & Hubby

Barteaux, the Family Story

Dumb, Unscrupulous and Debauched

Rumor Mill News Insights

Newsletters & Magazines 

Integrity Commons 

American Vision Magazine