Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
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                                                                          GREED:  The NeoConning of America 
                                                                          The book which tells you how a few bad 
                                                                          people have destroyed the world.  

                                                                          Tour of Old Yosemite 
                                                                          Walk in places which no longer exist, except  
                                                                           in memory. 

                                                         Seventh Voice             
                                                                            The recollections of six Essene Masters who
                                                                            were born to work and hope for the promise
​                                                                            of the  Messiah and died for the future He 
                                                                            made possible. 

                                          Or read it online HERE

​About my Writing

                 For most of my life I have been writing. Beginning with poetry and short stories, along with the necessity of school work, writing was one of my most constant activities. I moved into political activism when I was in my teens. Writing brochures, speeches, position papers, newsletters and other forms necessitated by political activism became part of my oeuvre.  

                 By their nature, most political writing is not credited and I never considered building up a portfolio because, as an activist, personal profit was never my goal.  

                 Occasionally I wrote an article for local newsletters and opeds for newspapers on subjects which moved me to action.  

                 Over the years this work grew to include research and short articles, never intended for online publication. The subjects were family history, a recipe book, and humor.
                 I've written family books for Christmas and will be putting those up here as well.  As soon as I have a minute!

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