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Not quite the worst year of my life, but a contender.

These articles were first published on  I have no recollection of the site, though I remember thinking it would be a good idea to send them out to be published.  The site they were on was put up by Gene Gaudette.  Gaudette was our first webmaster for, which was fraudulently taken down by pressure from the threats issued by John Fund's legal counsel in the spring of 2003.     Fund put up his own site a few weeks later and published untruths about Morgan.  I was not mentioned by name.  This coincided with the war made on us by a group of people including Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, John Fund, Dan O'Dowd, and Craig Franklin.     

I put up a site on Blogger to get the truth out about John on June 16, 2014.  John Fund

This apparently moved Fund to take down his own site finally around July 19, 2014.    



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