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The Run Away Balloon – Centennial For American Ingenuity

October 27, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Falcon Heene did not ride the winds in a balloon, soaring to over 10,000 feet. The six year old was never in danger, the staged event costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, stealing the time and abusing the trust of millions of Americans. But one century ago a man was carried off in a run away balloon, his death reported in the afternoon newspapers in San Francisco. His wife was besieged by reporters eager for the sensational story and were disappointed when he walked in, covered with... MORE

Truth: You Need It To Survive Meltdown

September 27, 2009

War is a Racket by Major General, Smedley Butler This book is essential to your survival. As the world melts down around us we look for answers. The media provides only spin. This book, by a man dead since 1940, provides to you the through line of action. Read it. It is free online. The first chapter delivers a message Americans need to understand. This message needs to sink in past the patriotic fervor and spin that sends our sons and daughters into ugly death and destroys other people, for the profit of corporations, around... MORE

Survival Values – And a cheer for Joe Wilson!

September 14, 2009

Yesterday in the grocery store the checker commented on having sold her cell phone. She had to. She could not afford the monthly expense and the phone itself had cost her $250.00. She sold it for $210.00 to a friend with a better paying job, at least for now. The checker, Emily, had had it for 3 weeks. Tightening the belt is the theme of a rising consciousness around our nation. It is not all bad. The clerk, and many others, are beginning to focus in on what really matters. Yesterday my email box was filled with comments... MORE

The New Economy – A Modest Proposal for Building Community

August 22, 2009

America is shifting. Most view the present trends in the market as destructive and with good cause. Banks are closing, sometimes several in a single day. Businesses going bankrupt are leaving the main streets of many American cities and towns mottled with boarded up store fronts. Families and individuals are canceling vacations, reusing items that formerly they would have replaced, shopping in department stores is down, replaced by shopping used stores and garage sales. Refocusing gives you the opportunity to consider what... MORE

Centennial Moments 

August 17, 2009 

Connecting the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, April 18, 1906 - First nature movie October 1909, Yosemite - Centennial U.S. Air Show, Dominguez Hills, Jan.10-20, 1910.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Oct. 31, 1909) — The Fairy’s first flight had taken its aeronaut 10,000 feet into the sky in uncontrolled motion. The aeronaut, Arthur C. Pillsbury, had been finishing up a day’s photography, teeth chattering, when the white balloon had been driven by a sudden violent wind across the Bay, towing the small boat to which it was tethered in its wake. The Fairy, ripped from its anchorage, shot into the air. No one thought Pillsbury would survive. The Fairy was not designed for free flight, the flight community knew that. What we know can change rapidly...MORE 

Justice For America

August 17, 2009 

It isn’t just judges. Attorneys and politicians from dog catcher to president, all are part of the pattern of corruption in America today. With no effective accountability and no transparency our chances for justice daily grow slimmer. Everywhere you look today you see the impact of corruption as the Americans are bled dry through the institutions they trusted to protect them. Growing numbers of Americans are fighting back and looking for solutions. Rising voices are now hitting the mainstream..MORE 

Springtime in America

April 9, 2009

We came so close to losing it all. Day to day we have been hearing the stark predictions of famine, want, civil unrest. We see the Google maps of FEMA camps and the 1984 redux of control, reflected in the simple minded fascist edicts, for instance the Missouri Directive, issued by the of small minded bureaucrats of that state. These still have the power to shock us. But if you really watch you will see the unfurling of freedom happening like the springtime, blossoming out from every tree. Across America something profoundly... MORE

Earth Day 2009 – Be The Change

March 13, 2009

I first met Helen in 2000. The friend who introduced us warned me we would agree on nothing. I am a Republican and then was very active in the National Federation of Republican Women. Helen Garland is a Democrat and very liberal. She personally put together the people who founded Earth Day, introduced Margaret Mead to environmentalism, and has spent her life working tirelessly for peace, justice, and care of the Earth. That is the motto of the organization founded in 1968 that is the real originator of Earth Day, the Earth... MORE

April’s Future – Renewing America

March 3, 2009

This last January a baby girl was born. Her parents named her April and hope mightily that the world she grows to know will be one of hope and prosperity. We can make it so for her and all our children. That matters to me very personally because little April is my first grand daughter. Her mother looked just like her and worrying about April’s future causes fractures in my heart. The world today is growing very personal, we are all frightened. As the meltdown continues we look into the eyes of our children and cannot... MORE

Karl Rove and Bill Postmus, Soul Mates?

February 1, 2009

Why we must demand accountability, objective standards, and absolute transparency From Revolt in 2100 by Robert Heinlein “When any government or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,”the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrawise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free.... MORE

Healing America

January 26, 2009

At the stroke of noon on Tuesday, January 20th, America breathed a sigh of relief that echoed across the world. I say that and I am a registered Republican who understands the cost of blowing the whistle on Bush and his associates. Of the many things that George Bush destroyed the Republican Party was only one institution. The GOP, once the proud advocate of freedom, was destroyed, its mission extinguished. Our economy, our rights, the Constitution, and the respect America once held across the world are also dead. The least... MORE

Indict George Bush, Indict Them All

January 23, 2009

American veterans are returning from Iraq to homelessness. As the economy melts down so do America’s veterans. Tens of thousands who signed up to serve their country are now homeless, unable to function because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or brain trauma Their condition was directly caused by the Bush Administration. They were told that war was necessary to our safety. It was a lie. Instead, it has lined the pockets of George W. Bush’s core constituency. Americans are struggling with conditions none of... MORE

Stealing Truth: The John Fund Back Story

January 16, 2009

If the media had followed the clear rules they had written for themselves, would we now be on the express down elevator to a meltdown of global proportions? Likely not. We would have problems, but we would have seen them more clearly. We needed the truth. We did not get it, for perhaps as many reasons as there are individuals in journalism. The first problem was that journalists so blithely ignored the standards of their profession. The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has established a code of ethics. The tenets... MORE

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