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The Octopus, Promis, and their offspring, molding the future of America

October 7, 2010

Cheri Seymour lived the events in “The Last Circle,” not usual for a journalist. Her book, which extends and provides essential elements for understanding the murder of journalist, Danny Casolaro, the author of “The Octopus,” along with so many others, is frighteningly personal. Her life threatened, Seymour continued to dig for the facts after Danny was found dead in a Martinsburg, VA, hotel room on August 10, 1991. Seymour has spent over twenty years immersed in a world fractured by nightmares. Her experiences... MORE

Turtle Soup for Tony Hayward

July 2, 2010

Endangered Species of Turtles being burned alive (Well, perhaps not all of them.) If Tony Hayward really said what he and his ‘peers’ thought: Americans are so unsophisticated, they fail to see the big picture, becoming obsessed with minor issues. For instance, Kindra Arnesen, of Podunk Venice, Louisiana. Oh My Gosh, has she ever had to grapple with the complexities of multiple divisions, plunging stock prices, minor technical problems? No, all she thinks about is, “the people she cares about.” Really, as... MORE

Saving American Veterans and Saving American Money

June 11, 2010

Dr. Gay Larned Has a Solution… Santa Barbara, CA – Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently said in a speech that “health care costs are eating the Defense Department alive.” For returning active duty troops and veterans the problem goes way beyond considerations of the cost to the VA system. These veterans are returning but the war is coming with them in ways none of us imagined possible. An alarming percentage of America’s military are returning home with from Iraq and Afghanistan with... MORE

The CIA – Murdering The Truth

May 9, 2010

“A Terrible Mistake – The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments” They did experiments on children in orphanages. Some never recovered. Most would be impacted all of their lives, haunted by fear and subject to the physical effects of what they endured. The same government agency drugged unsuspecting adults prepared only for a casual social evening,invited there expecting friendship. They ignored all standards of decent personal behavior, endangering and killing as it suited them. They... MORE

Question All Authority (Except Mine)

April 18, 2010

Or why decentralized forms of human organization will displace top – down hierarchies. What I learned from 43 years of activism. Why I wrote this memoir. When I originally became active politically I assumed others agreed with me on a common goal. For me it was very clear. Get government out of our lives. Affirm the Mission of the Declaration of Independence. I was naïve, I confess it openly. I assumed once freedom was firmly established we would fold up the then empty tents called political parties and go home to... MORE

Project No. 1 – Educating the public on the nature of Federal Reserve Notes

March 8, 2010

Educating your local 7-11 owner in your local area on the Federal Reserve… Al Takes on Ferd at the Local 7-11 You don’t have to haul in booklets and posters, stand out in the rain, or do anything at all uncomfortable. This project is an outgrowth of a sudden impulse of a friend of mine, Al, who lives in the belly of the beast and experiences a constant state of annoyance because of the abysmal ignorance of folks on the real nature of the Federal Reserve Bank. Al knows the FED is private and has stolen all of... MORE

Sociopaths: They See You as Prey

February 22, 2010

He constantly asks for sympathy, takes risks , lies to you and when caught shows no remorse. It is unsettling, frightening. Somehow it is your own fault. But what or why would anyone do these things? There is an answer. The terms, “psychopathy”, “sociopath,” “sociopath,” and others refer to individuals who look human but, in elemental ways, are not. They harbor a condition which cuts them off from us. Their automatic emotional reactions, foundational to limiting wrong behavior, do not... MORE

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