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Occupy The Defense Contractors

November 19, 2011

As America begins to awaken and take to the streets let us remember the happily profitable defense contractors who are scattered across the country. Over decades past, and up until today, they have received billions for designing, building, and transporting the weapons of war which have destroyed other nations and are now being deployed here at home against us. Do you feel safer because a river of weapons is being produced from the money you sweat to make? Some of these weapons, for instance the Sound Cannon, also known... MORE

Family Law Judge, Clay M. Smith, Orders Arrest of Battered Woman

September 25, 2011

For crime of refusing to turn son over to abuser… Cypress, CA – Family Law Judge Clay M. Smith today ordered the arrest of Kimberly Bunn-Smith, a single mother raising a small son for refusing to turn the boy over to the man who, she says, battered her and tried to force her to abort when she was four months pregnant. Bunn-Smith has been resident in a shelter for battered women as she fought to retain custody against the orders of Smith, who, according to her and friends, routinely refused to examine the evidence... MORE

Stealing Truth: The John Fund Back Story (updated)

August 11, 2011

If the media had followed the clear rules they had written for themselves, would we now be on the express down elevator to a meltdown of global proportions? Likely not. We would have problems, but we would have seen them more clearly. We needed the truth. We did not get it, for perhaps as many reasons as there are individuals in journalism. The first problem was that journalists so blithely ignored the standards of their profession. The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has established a code of ethics. The tenets...MORE

The Divinity of Doubt

August 4, 2011

Sometimes a book carries impact beyond what the author intended. The Divinity of Doubt by Vincent Bugliosi is such a book. Overtly the book frames the acrimonious conflict between Evangelical Christianity as a set of unproven beliefs, each vulnerable to the bald facts of reality, and the parallel set of unproven beliefs comprising the ideas accepted by atheists. Bugliosi applies a single standard, the same one which has proven so devastating to carefully constructed theories over the past generation in his series of best... MORE

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate

August 1, 2011

While we are coming to recognize the acts of individual, lone psychopaths in crime, business, politics and our personal lives as the source of tremendous trauma, and the monetary costs, arguably in the trillions today, we have failed to grasp the full magnitude of the problem. As with all other segments of the population psychopaths run the spectrum of abilities and intelligent. According to Dr. Liane Leedom, a psychiatrist specializing in the study of the condition, at any time there are 20,000 psychopaths with IQs over... MORE

Craig Loves Ayn – A Love Story Gone Wrong

April 27, 2011

The film opening for Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” opened recently. My son, Arthur, said he wanted to see it, so we went. Dozens of people I know had waited for decades for this movie to make it to the theater. As reported, the characters were flat. Attempts to draw parallels between the predictions made by Rand in her book of 1958 to what we face today fail both badly and sadly. I was strongly reminded of a conversation I had, years ago, with my former husband about fantasies that don’t work. I would... MORE

Standing up for Real Free Markets

April 8, 2011

This will be ‘some weekend.’ From April 8th to 11th a conference will take place at the historic Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Mount Washington was the site of the infamous 1944 event which launched the horrors which, we now realize, consumed every shred of wealth in the hands of the ‘lowest 90% or so of the population. None of us, the lowest 90%, were invited to attend, of course. Bretton Woods is the name of the 1944 conference which launched the World Bank, establishing a ‘new... MORE

Were National Parks the ‘One Good Thing?” Think again

January 27, 2011

Lose Your Illusions No. 1 Today we think of government and corporations as big and impersonal. But then, and now, the people who run things are relatively small in number, a club. The Club follows its own rules, rules from a book nearly a century old, which mandate two standards of behavior, kindness, honesty and concern for Club members, real people, and an entirely different set of rules for ordinary Americans. Normally members of the Club do not discuss the difference in standards. But one member of their club did so,... MORE

The Run Away Balloon – Centennial For American Ingenuity

October 27, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Falcon Heene did not ride the winds in a balloon, soaring to over 10,000 feet. The six year old was never in danger, the staged event costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, stealing the time and abusing the trust of millions of Americans. But one century ago a man was carried off in a run away balloon, his death reported in the afternoon newspapers in San Francisco. His wife was besieged by reporters eager for the sensational story and were disappointed when he walked in, covered with... MORE

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