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The Foreclosure Meltdown Was Planned – A Whistle Blower Speaks Out

November 12, 2013

“The trade in derivatives, using home notes, was designed as a Ponzi scheme. Excel knew it. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (CWT), knew it. My fellow junior associates laughed at me, senior associates got mad at me, and the senior partners ultimately asked me to resign or be fired when I wrote repeated lengthy memoranda explaining this out to them.” – Charles Lincoln, III, PH.D., Harvard, J.D., University of Chicago, School of Law Who is Charles Lincoln, III? In October, 1993, Charles Lincoln, III began work... Read MORE

A Full Measure – War, Mortgages And Measuring The Human Spirit

October 13, 2013

When millions of people are suffering and dying we tend to focus on the stories of individuals who then come to represent them all. Anne Frank represents for a vast majority the ugliness visited on Jews during WWII. The stories are haunting. All stories of vast human suffering impact us. Only those without conscience or empathy can view the suffering of others and not be moved. Anne Frank died before I was born, but sometimes, unexpectedly, you find yourself confronted with a story of human endurance which is overwhelming. Another... MORE

Presidential Puppetry And Revolt In Ashtabula County

July 7, 2013

None of the twenty-five activists for the Ashtabula County Charter Initiative, designed to move power back into the hands of Americans on how their county is governed, had read, or even heard of the newly released book, “Presidential Puppetry,” by Andrew Kreig. They had come together in the tiny meeting room of the Board of Elections in Jefferson, Ohio, to let their voices be heard as the Board considered whether or not to honor the opinion issued by County Prosecutor Thomas Sartini, which cast doubt on the fate of a... MORE

It’s Time To Change The Exxon Strategy

June 26, 2013

Exxon has a play book assembled long in advance of any spill. At each step they lie, evade the issues, stall, and work on victims to entice and threaten them to settle when the victims are still numb with shock and have no idea what they are facing in terms of their health. The Kalamazoo Spill of 2010, from Enbridge Energy Partners spilled into Talmadge Creek near Marshall, Michigan continuing downstream into the Kalamazoo River. The health impact on residents continues to this day. The financial cost is now estimated... MORE

Explaining America’s Meltdown – Judge Maloney Said, “Sounds Like Fraud To Me”

June 14, 2013

Locals thought the law suit filed by Jerome Daly against the local bank, to be heard on December 7, 1968, in the township of Credit River, Minnesota would be frivolous. The twelve jurors were practical men, citizens who trusted those in authority. Jerome Daly, an attorney, faced eviction from his home. Daly, in arrears on his mortgage, had sued the bank as he faced foreclosure because while reviewing the papers and practices he had noticed the mortgage was issued with no legal ‘consideration’ between himself... MORE

To The Anti-Drone Community, Please Help Us Follow This Story!

June 3, 2013

We are following the processing of John B. (Jack) Douglas, Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., a significant drone contractor, through the legal system on charges of lewdness, Open and Gross, c272 S16 (272/16) in Taunton District Court. Please let us know if you can be there to report in person on what takes place. The number two man on Green Hills Software’s Management Team fell foul of the law in Taunton, MA on April 17th, 2013. The article below appeared in the local paper. Jack Douglas gave his address... MORE

Drones, And The Military-Industrial Complex

May 27, 2013

Drones are a weapon of war, presently being used by the U.S. Military using assertions not supported by facts. These weapons are manufactured and sold to the military by companies which own the technologies and thereby profit. The right or wrong of the war is ignored in their calculations, which focus on the profit to be made. The membership organization which lobbies for the use of drones for the corporations which comprise its membership is the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. The growth of this... MORE

The Ethics of a Drone Contractor – Green Hills Software, Inc.

May 19, 2013

Around January 21st 1998 a meeting, or series of meetings, took place at Green Hills Software, Inc., between Dan O’Dowd and Glenn Hightower. The meeting included on their agenda approval of a false stock option agreement to replace the award of shares made to Craig Franklin in 1996. This was the final step Dan needed to take before exercising the sudden death partnership agreement between himself and Hightower, who had provided the original funding which allowed Green Hills to open its doors in 1982. More on Hightower Dan... MORE

Green Fields Renewal Demands Exxon Act Now To Save Residents of Mayflower, Arkansas

May 17, 2013

NEWS RELEASE – (Mayflower, AR) – Green Fields Renewal, a partner company for Rebuild America, today issued a statement on the disaster. The statement urged all parties to focus on the core issues. These, the statement said, are to ensure the long term survival of residents and to clean up the spill, minimizing damage which continues to spread. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, an officer of Green Fields, said, “While much attention has been given to organizing a class action law suit, the sad fact is that given... MORE

What Do You Think A MOTHER Is?

May 11, 2013

Last night mothers and daughters gathered at St. Peter’s Church for the annual Mother – Daughter Dinner. Dads and men cooked, dished up, and served the meal, comprised of several courses. Garden Salad, fresh and tangy, a main dish comprised of a d’Poulet au Croissant, Sweet Corn Collage and fresh vegetables. Dessert was Velvet Chocolate Cake. The service was astonishing. Plates were placed in front of each lady with a smile and attention to our every need. Amidst the happy voices and drawings for prizes, talk... MORE

The Last Step For War – Keeping Saddam Hussein In Iraq

May 7, 2013

Why did Saddam Hussein stay in Iraq? There was every motive to leave. He had seen what happened to leaders who attempt to withstand the corporate interests who are looking for an opportunity to loot a country. While John Perkins had not yet written his book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” he knew the score. He could never withstand an invasion by America. He was not suicidal. He had gotten his start as a hire for the CIA and knew what was poised to happen to him, his family, and his nation. Cast you mind back... MORE

Saddam Hussein Offered To Leave Iraq In November of 2002. Guess Who Persuaded Him To Stay

May 2, 2013

Why Drones, foreign and domestic, became necessary to establishment politicians and corporations… In the autumn of 2002 America was rushing toward the War in Iraq, orchestrated by the Bush Administration, especially Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Though most people did not yet realize this, Bill Clinton already had a very cooperative relationship with the Bush family. He and Hillary were poised to become seriously monied working for the same folks who had taken over the Republican Party in the 1960s. You don’t need... MORE

How A Transparent World Protects Us – Drone Action

April 30, 2013

Drone Contractor caught exposing himself in Taunton, MA, two days after Boston Marathon Explosion near Boston John B. (Jack) Douglas, an attorney and author of the long touted,“Reebok Rules,” famously filled with advice on how to make it as a corporate counsel, caught in ‘the act,’ told the off-duty officer what he was doing was a family tradition. Officer McGowan did not find the argument compelling. Douglas exposed himself to Officer McGowan’s wife and children as the family ate a meal together at... MORE

Vietnam Can Bring Answers For Ashtabula

April 27, 2013

The Paris Peace Accords, ending the War in Vietnam, were signed on January 27, 1973. The four parties to this conflict agreed to the unconditional withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam and to “support the healing of the wounds of war.” Despite that Agreement, the war continued until April 1975. The promises efforts for healing would not begin for decades. Third generation Vietnamese, born today, enter the world with deformities because their grandfathers were exposed to chemical agent orange. Children are losing life... MORE

The Shot Heard ‘Round The World – April 19, 1775

April 20, 2013

As the harsh storms of winter subside we approach the 238thanniversary of an event in American history which provides insight and direction badly needed today. On April 19, 1775 a musket was discharged, beginning a clash of arms over a small bridge standing astride the stream at Concord, Massachusetts. We have all seen the statues and, perhaps, remember the poems. To this day no one knows who fired the shot. But the unfolding clash shocked the British Crown and set the stage for the first nation on Earth who proclaimed... MORE

Take Action: End The Threat of Drones Overhead

February 26, 2013

We all know about the kind of threat represented by the purchase and use of drones in our communities. We also know the potential for profit with drone technology is measured in the billions of dollars. Visit this site and see how many such contractors there are today. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International shows you just how serious a threat this is to our real security and freedom. When this many corporations are lined up, hands out, to grab the largess, you know the money available is only beginning. What... MORE

A Guide To Obama’s Sales Pitch For Corporate Profits – Or ReBilking America

February 19, 2013

The visual above is the short story. Barack Obama smooching Charles Koch, who with his brother, David, very much wants American taxpayers to pay for the XL Keystone pipeline, which will save them money and the trouble of redesigning their present refineries, deep in the heart of Texas. The Koch refinery is configured to take heavy crude, available only from Venezuela and Canada. And along with the distasteful issue of going hat in hand to Hugo Chavez, and paying $100 (£64) a barrel, the oil the Kochs need is available... MORE

Remember The Real Earth Day

February 8, 2013

On the Spring Equinox, at the exact moment when the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth are balanced, bells are rung across the globe. Many over look it, but thousands remember. The original Earth Day has been celebrated in this way since 1970, when first established by the Earth Society. The mission was, “Peace, Justice, and Care of the Earth.” Many ideas blossom momentarily and then die because they are not nurtured. The woman who has kept the mission of Earth Day alive over the last decades overcame astonishing... MORE
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