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Articles - NeoCons
NeoCons are Cretins - Valentines
of appropriate sentiments

​Articles about NeoCons became less necessary as they were outed and we experienced the regime change to Obama.  

John Fund, a special case, however needed his own section, as did Libertarians.  

Ann Coulter: Her Nastiness had no limits until now

March 8, 2007

Got this in my e-mail today: “(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon made the following statement about pundit Ann Coulter’s remarks at CPAC: “Ann Coulter should be embarrassed by her anti-gay remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Coulter’s words are not worthy of this event or our nation’s political dialogue. Intelligent people engage in political debates using ideas not insults. Unfortunately, she has made a career out of saying increasingly outrageous... MORE

The Fantasy Life of NeoCons: Alito and his clones keep coming, and coming..... 

January 13, 2006 

The NeoCon Fantasy becomes Reality: Alito and his clones are coming, coming, coming......until Bush's Moving Day

As the shrill voices of various factions line up across the country urging a filibuster to stop this Bush pick for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito Jr., one of the most damaging effects of the NeoCon strategy evidences itself, ignored by activists from all factions...MORE

Why Scooter Libby is Toast and Rove will provide the butter: 

February 28, 2006

And why no one connected with John Fund can get life insurance

Scooter Libby made a mistake. He thought he was a NeoCon Insider. It was a natural mistake for him to have made, his business cards, the perks, the deference, the salary, and the access to power, all spell out Insider using the usual formula for such. But he was wrong and will now find himself tossed off the back of the Sleigh of State into the gaping maws of righteous indignation, there to serve his ultimate purpose, scapegoat and distraction. The NeoCons waste nothing, not even their hapless tools, that is their environmental policy...MORE

A NeoCon Strategy exposed: Why the NeoCons focus so many attacks on women 

February 28, 2006 

A typically smug and self serving article by a man identifying himself as the Reverend Rusty Waller was published on the cyber pages of Freedom's Phoenix recently; the aforementioned article purported to 'prove' that women are not legally enabled to run for the office of President.

The publication is one where my own byline also appears and the Waller article exposes the strategic significance of the Women's Movement to the campaign of NeoCons to reduce Americans to an absolute serfdom.

The NeoCons don't do anything without a reason, and you need to know...MORE

Saving Social Security, and the future, from the Neocons

March 17, 2006

As the joke goes, when three wolves and a sheep vote we all know who is going to be dinner. How does that work when there are millions of sheep and only a few thousand wolves? That in a nut shell is government today. It is time the sheep reconsidered how the game is to be played. While this administration might have stopped casting hungry eyes on the profit potential of Social Security that is no guarantee that the fingers connected to those eyes might not still be twitching. Since they have spent us into unprecedented... MORE

How the NeoCons make War on all of us

May 24, 2006

Websites as Weapons: The Stealth Wars of the NeoCon World Melanie Morgan, recovered gambling addict and San Francisco talk show host, announced two days ago that her new project, Censure Carter, will be launching a series of TV ads urging that Congress take up the issue of censuring Jimmy Carter for sympathizing with the Palestinians. Morgan is in this way fulfilling her obligations as one in the string of political tools activated by John Fund to carry out the strategic disinformation campaigns for his NeoCon employers. Morgan’s... MORE

Make the Neocons REALLY unhappy

November 9, 2006

Now is the time to Ratify the ERA Wording of the Equal Rights Amendment Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. At the beginning of the next session Senator Ted Kennedy will again introduce a ‘start over’ Equal Rights Amendment. He has reintroduced the bill every year. We can make it unnecessary for him to do it sooner than most Americans could believe. I am a Republican woman and while there are many points on which I have disagreed... MORE

Gerald Ford: The man who gave America the Neocons

December 29, 2006

It contradicts the Rules of common usage to point out the failings of those who have taken that last step from human society into death but reading the many articles on the life of Gerald Ford brought for me, at least, the consciousness of how much he and those in politics have cost all of us; seeing him characterized as ‘a man of character,’ slapped me into awareness. The rules are wrong when they benefit deceit and injustice, so I am going to ignore them. As a Republican woman and an American I have something... MORE

Operation Gas the Earth: A NeoCon redevelopment project 

December 30, 2005

How Bush, Senior helped Rove become a better thief using environmentalism.
When we think of Karl Rove and his cadre of cronies and clowns we forget the Karl Rove who started as the chubby little nerd on the play ground, scared of the bullies but determined to win by
other means...MORE

Best Sellers as NeoCon Bullets aimed to deceive 

December 19, 2005

Now that the Patriot Act is just barely behind us, the ink still drying on the pages of the Congressional Record, an early Christmas present all Americans should appreciate, it is time to consider how the NeoCons managed to suborn the system for their fun and profit. It was well planned and executed though they have now hit some rocky spots on their carefully planned road to a real American Serfdom for us and the establishment of an American Baronage for them; an amazing accomplishment...MORE

How the NeoCons – and the Dems – sunk the Ship of State 

November 10, 2005 

"I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion." Thomas Jefferson; Sept. 28, 1820 
As bad as things seem now, it can get worse. This is the conclusion one comes to after reading E.J. Dionne’s commentary in last Monday's edition of the Washington Post.

Dionne urged Democrats to find a vision. Perhaps Dionne simply should paint Senator Kerry as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz and sing ‘If Kerry only had a brain.’ The fact is, the visionary and moral leadership offered by such stalwarts of the DNC remain the best hopes of people like Karl Rove. There isn’t a vacant deck chair on the “D.N.C. Titanic” during this Democrat cruise...MORE

How the NeoCons murdered New Orleans: Another in the continuing series. 

September 4, 2005 

Mr. Bush said on "Good Morning America" that the United States could fend for itself. "I do expect a lot of sympathy and perhaps some will send cash dollars," the president was quoted as saying of foreign governments. "But this country's going to rise up and take care of it."

As indeed we should. Americans are courageous and they will do what must be done. But that is a different set of actions than envisioned by George W. Bush and his cohort.

Fourteen billion dollars sounded like a lot of money in 1998, too much money for the Feds to commit to Coast 2050, the plan agreed on by the governor's office, the state's Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fish and Wildlife Service and all 20 of the state's coastal parishes for restoring coastal Louisiana...MORE

The NeoCons: Weapons of Mass Destruction - Another in the series 

August 26, 2005 

There has been a lot of talk over the last four years about Weapons of Mass Destruction. George W. Bush has ascertained that under his desk is a WMD clear zone.

While it is nice that George W. was able to handle that hazardous assignment on his own, evidently without the immediate and hands on guidance of Karl Rove, the issue of WMD still haunts America. And as with all such issues we need to examine the facts, as opposed to the burblings of rhetoric that we are normally fed by this administration...MORE

The Confidence Game: The Reality of Rove: NeoSpeaking in America

August 6, 2005 

"Karl's got my complete confidence," Bush said.
Sometimes without meaning to a person in public office will tell you the truth. It happens. As Plumegate has continued to shock and appall most Americans with IQs over 60 have cringed as Bush again played the Rove Card. In case you missed it this is how that play works...MORE

How The NeoCons Stole Freedom: The Story of Earth Day - First in a Series

August 6. 2005 

What do the environmental movement, the United Nations, and the Republican Party have in common? Each was successfully taken over by the elements we now are beginning to know as NeoCons either in this generation or earlier.
Forget the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati. It isn't a conspiracy, it was just 'good' business.
When America celebrated Earth Day this last April 22 it was celebrating the day the environmental movement was taken over by elements we now identify as Neoconservatives – although the people so identified are not new and are certainly not conservative. More on that later...MORE

Karl Rove: The Rapture in the Rose Garden 

August 6, 2005 

George Stephanopoulos should not have been surprised last Sunday morning when Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson opined that liberal judges are a far greater threat than are terrorists. Pat is telling the truth; he is, however, fudging the context of these facts. Those facts reveal that liberal judges are a threat to Pat's second job, the one that has made Robertson and Reed both politically powerful and wealthy. Both support this administration no matter what it does. Why is that?..MORE

How Close is too Close? How the NeoCons used fear to stifle free speech

August 6, 2005 

First, it must be said that every political viewpoint, Right, Libertarian, and Left, have their flaky and weird factions that are routinely given far too much attention by the media. They get media attention because they make great copy. Threatening to blow up the bowling team will always garner you more attention that complaining that the color of the team tee-shirts makes you look even more sallow. These individuals evidently get off on the adrenaline rush they get by being outrageous. It would be interesting to see the media do an in depth study of their backgrounds with attention to their other asocial behavior, which is certainly there from those I have known personally...MORE

Coulter: Using the sex card to sell the NeoCon Agenda 

August 6, 2005 

The puzzle for the intelligent reader is to pick out a thread of sanity in anything Ann Coulter writes. I have an advantage here because I raised five children and therefore recognize the ploys being dragged out from Ms. Coulter’s little box of tools. Yelling loudly when you have not a shred of justification is a strategy I have had to deal with many times. So is misdirection and fatuous assertions of authority. “Nicky’s Mom said we could” and “Dawn wanted us to roll the water balloons off the roof” make more sense when they are coming out of the mouths of individuals who have not yet begun preschool, however...MORE

The Lurid Fantasy Life of Ann Coulter

August 6, 2005

It is not true that Ann Coulter’s last date was with Joseph McCarthy. That is outrageous. Ann may well be fascinated with and obsessed by Joseph McCarthy; he may well be her fantasy soul mate, divided from her forever by death a la Somewhere in Time, but she never dated him in this reality. No one ever accused Joe McCarthy of being a child molester. The man died on May 2, 1957 when Ann was just a very small girl...MORE

Anne Coulter: Getting rich by destroying freedom for women

August 6, 2005 

Anne Coulter wears skirts so short you can see her brains. Or you could if she had any. She is the best argument that the foamy-mouthed Right has made for the immediate passage of the long delayed ERA...MORE

The Rules for NeoCons - as played by Karl Rove

August 06, 2005

Karl Rove started life with a dream. That was an image of him, sitting at his ease in the White House enjoying the perks of power along with the good life. Instead of collecting baseball cards as a kid the chief Bush strategist collected cards with the smiling faces of congressmen, presidents and men like Machiavelli. He read every word ever published about politics before hitting puberty. Instead of memorizing baseball stats he memorized the minutia of political intrigue. His motivations were entirely personal. He is not an idealist and he is certainly not an ideologue like his buddies Irving and William Kristol, the most prominent proponents of Straussianism* Karl Rove didn’t need a justification to lie and cheat his way to power. He just did it. He is a natural supercharged by the trauma of a boyhood of social deprivation and exceptional nerdism...MORE

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