Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
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Growing Up Memories

  Dad bought me a copy of the First Family Album, the charming satire about JFK, soon after it went on sale around my birthday in 1962.  In fact, I think it was one of my birthday presents, wrapped in blue paper with a fluffy bow, now that I think about it.  Dad loved giving presents and each of us, I'm sure, remembered fondly the surprises when sometimes came home in his briefcase, too.   
I found the First Family Album on You Tube this evening as I sat down to look for something entirely different.  Seeing it, I had to stop and just listen.  Now I'm putting it up here so I can find it for another bout of memories and smiles when ever the mood its me.  Thanks Dad, still makes me smile.   Dad took me to hear John Kennedy speak at UCLA.  Here is the speech.

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