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 This is my personal site, the place I used to cache my articles, my poetry and settle in to think about what really matters. For me that's pretty simple. My children matter. Knowing they are well and doing right is one of the things which warms me all the way down to the core. 

  Doing the right thing is not always easy. In fact, sometimes is seems nearly impossible, given the world we live in today. But I firmly believe if we keep pushing the Rock Up the Hill eventually we will arrive, together, in a world worth every tear, every struggle, and all the costs.  

  When things are not working for me I remember the advice of an old friend who told me to take a step back, consider the facts, and reassess the tools and options. I have found this to be a useful exercise. Sometimes the solution depends on better information and the world is full of things unknown so there is no reason for anyone to be bored. I keep that in mind as I write, survive, and make afternoon tea.  

  I have four living children.  Raising them remains with me every day. Some pictures have made it onto my FaceBook Page. Babies and children, mine and others, are always wonderful.

   Pondering the uncertainties of life brings many things, some of these are worth remembering.  

Written for Roger MacBride in 1975
63. The Endurance of the Dandelion

The dandelion is like the will to be free
It springs up when boots stomp
Ripped from the Earth it replants itself,
mending its injuries without complaint.
Where ever there is light and air and water.
It endures the long ache of oppression
It sucks up the sparest sustenance, refusing to die
It breeds true to its form, rejoicing in the
simple heat of the sun and the touch of air.

Sending out shoots and seeds in joyous abandon.
It refuses death and parades its pride in golden bursts of flower.
It defies the plans of the powerful, asserting its own life as true.

The dandelion is like the will to be free.
Not invited, it takes its place in time and space
Defying destiny it lives on past expectation

The flower of freedom is the dandelion
Because the dandelion chooses for itself.
Choose freedom. Be a Dandelion. 

Libertarianism was a wonderful, heady time while it lasted. But like all 'idea sets' it melted down into the greed and avarice of those who discovered how useful it could be converted into a cash register. 

Beware believing in what you want to see.  
How the NeoCons Stole Freedom

This is Melinda's first online Blog site, started in May of 2005.